Extraordinary agricultural eats

If you’ve ever even slightly wondered where your food comes from and how it was harvested or butchered, I implore you to take that idea in your head and explore it. Lancaster is a beautiful city, and those of us who take advantage of such bountiful produce and high-quality meats from its farmers should be applauded and praised. With Central Market, CSA shares, and other local markets, we should count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be so close in proximity to taking in what the earth yields for us.

What about those of us who care about the ingredients used in what we eat but also need an evening off from cooking, don’t feel like waiting for an egg to fry, or don’t feel like cleaning a million dishes after a home-cooked meal? Those individuals can turn to a new restaurant in town. Our House Cafe, located in Richmond Square (off of Fruitville Pike), takes great care in the ingredients...continue reading...